Since the period of the legendary Miyamoto Musashi, the great Samurai Warrior, the 7 Virtues has been the “Soul of Japan”. The rise of Japan after the disastrous World War II is so remarkable that the world history books have recorded success stories, with more in the making. Clearly, Japan as a Nation is so synonymous with the great values.  This “Code of Bushido: greatly influence the people of Japan. They are showing the world they live the values daily- at home, at work and in foreign countries. HR ACT is committed to bring the values and practices that have transformed Japan into an admirable nation by embarking in this journey of knowledge sharing and corporate values transformation in Malaysia.

We have packaged the ideas, developed and designed the training which can be categorized as follows:

Segment Employment Business Youth Sport
Leading The Warriors Building Team- The Samurai Way
Run A Business The Samurai Way
The Wakamusha Camp
7VoS for The Champion
The Management Team Employees
Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Start-up Owners
Students, Youth leaders, Outbound Students
Athletes, Sports Team, Sports Team Leaders

Why 7Vos Training Series

ACTIVITY-BASED focus on Behaviour Change
FUN approach to serious stuff
The Objectives

The programme will support  participants achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the 7 Virtues
  • Recognize the gap between present and desired values
  • Relate to others using the practices of the 7 Virtues of Samurai
  • Enhance commitment to personal and team goals
  • Accountable for results

Recommended for 3Days 2Nights to optimize learning impact.

Customized programme can be conducted for 1 or 2 days

Delivery Strategies

We channel the meaning of the 7 Virtues unto learner-centric activities so that participants understand what the values means to them and the people around them- also what is expected of them by all stakeholders.  It is our conviction the programme will be successful without having to engage participants in mentally and physically challenging sessions and activities. Our strategies are to engage participants and let the learning of serious subject matter happen in fun ways. The reflections should come easy and the willingness to change intiated mor voluntarily.


The Seven Virtues of Samurai Training series employ  creative ways in enhancing understanding and nurturing initiatives ofr positive actions. The experiential learning and fun-filled activities will take place in an environment where the use of Japanese instrumental and war0theme music enhances the learning process. The participants engage in custom-designed training activities, play games or simulate exercises and take part in video critiques. Choice of activities, props and tools are used according to the programme objectives and suitability of training venue.

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