Building Impactful Presentation Using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software that enables users to create engaging presentations. PowerPoint enables users to add animation and effects to slideshow elements. As a presentation tool PowerPoint can be used to organize and structure your presentations, create a professional and consistent format for the content of your presentation, and animate your slides to give them greater visual impact
  • Upon completion of the 2 days course, participants will learn the correct way to use Microsoft PowerPoint and bring their slides/decks up to the next level, and have an impactful and engaging slides presentation. Participants will save a huge amount of time Formatting the Slides or changing the appearance of the slides. There are tips and tricks on how to apply some time-saving techniques in PowerPoint to prepare an IMPACTFUL set of Slides or Decks. Finally, all presenters are to manage their sets of decks effectively and have a central updated slide for all their presentation needs

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@ ZOOM , 23-24 August 2021 , 0900 to 1230, 1400 to 1730 daily  (14 hours)

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