Cash Flow and Budgeting Management

When asked how they manage their company’s cash flow, many managers may say that this is not their primary duty. Is the information they provided, correct? This misunderstanding must be remedied early in the careers of prospective corporate executives by tying operational decisions to the resulting cash flow effect. We must recognise that cash flow management is not simply the responsibility of the finance division.
This highly engaging two-day programme will provide participants with a broad picture view of how to manage cash flow efficiently. This programme will improve the participant’s capacity to apply diverse cash flow management methods to real-life circumstances by utilising the case studies approach. Simple calculations to arrive at essential numbers are expected throughout the programme, as numbers are king when it comes to cash flow.
Modern businesses are an epitome of uncertainty and complexity. Over the period, this uncertainty and complexity in business has led to the development of various managerial tools, techniques and procedures useful in managing business successfully. Of all these, budgeting is the most common and widely used standard device for planning and control.
This course provides fundamental understanding of budgeting, budgeting process and includes a practical guide for preparing and mastering financial budgets.

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