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Start DateDurationStateVenueProgramMore Info
13-Jun-222 Days (14 hours)On-LineZoomThe A to Z of Domestic InquiryClick Here
13-Jun-225 Days + 5 DaysOn-LineZoomProfessional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ)Click Here
20-Jun-222 days (14 hours)On-LineZoomTax Planning for SMEClick Here
04-Jul-222 Days (14 hours)On-LineZoomDeveloping Competency Framework and Managing Competency-based AssessmentClick Here
18-Jul-223 Days (21 hours)PenangEastin Hotel, PenangTotal Compensation ManagementClick Here
27-Jul-222 Days (14 hours)On-LineZoomManaging an Effective Training FunctionClick Here
02-Aug-223 Days (21 hours)PutrajayaZenith, PutrajayaFinancial Literacy for Business LeadersClick Here
08-Aug-223 Days (21 hours)PutrajayaZenith, PutrajayaTotal Compensation ManagementClick Here
15-Aug-222 Days (14 hours)KuchingPullman, KuchingManaging an Effective Training FunctionClick Here
29-Aug-222 Days (14 hours)On-LineZoomManaging Within The LawClick Here
05-Sep-222 Days (14 hours)On-LineZoomBehavioral Interview for HR Professionals and Hiring ManagersClick Here
05-Sep-222 Days (14 hours)PenangEastin Hotel, PenangPower BI Desktop FundamentalClick Here
07-Sep-222 Days (14 hours)PenangEastin Hotel, PenangDomestic Inquiry Panelist TrainingClick Here
14-Sep-222 Days (14 hours)PutrajayaZenith, PutrajayaManaging an Effective Training FunctionClick Here
21-Sep-222 Days (14 hours)OnlineZoomStrategic Cash Flow ManagementClick Here