Essential Leadership Skills

Effective leadership is essential for the success of any organization. Leaders must possess a wide range of skills, from self-awareness to team-building, communication, and accountability. This Leadership Skills Course is designed to help participants develop and enhance their leadership potential, transforming their attitude, behavior, and culture to become better leaders and in essence, discover the five core practices of exemplary leaders.
Participants will have the skills and knowledge to take action to develop their subordinates and create high performance teams, develop a team Vision, Mission, and Strategies, motivate and inspire team members, plan and practice “SMART” planning, practice active listening and provide appropriate feedback, improve their interpersonal relationship style and communication skills, close the gap between leaders and subordinates, and act as coaches and mentors to develop team members’ skills and abilities. Join us to discover your inner self, develop the skills necessary to become effective, and lead your team towards high performance and accountability

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W.P (KL) – Premiera Hotel @ 20 to 21 December 2023, 0900 to 1700 daily. (14 hours)

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