HR Metrics and People Analystics

  • Human resources (HR) metrics and people analytics have become a hot topic in organizations of all sizes. Interest is rising, and organizations are reaching out to learn more about useful metrics and analytics and how they can use them to improve organizational effectiveness. Although the use of HR metrics and people analytic is not new, various factors are driving increased interest. An important driver is the widespread implementation of integrated human resource information systems (HRISs) and the greater availability of information from third-party sources. Today’s HRIS builds on the capabilities of faster and more capable computers, improved connectivity through organizational networks and the Internet, and the availability of user-friendly analytics software. These changes have fundamentally altered the dynamics of human capital assessment in organizations, driving the marginal cost of assessment lower, while providing the potential for near real-time analysis and distribution of information. These factors, combined with recent and growing interest in evidence- based management, account for the rapidly growing interest

  • People analytics is the use of data and data analysis techniques to understand, improve, and optimize the people side of business. Analytics has the potential to improve the effectiveness of a company’s talent acquisition function by replacing manual processes. Recruiting and hiring data can be correlated with business outcomes such as increased revenue to create strategic insights and drive action. Harvard Business Review identified the biggest obstacles for adoption is “inaccurate, inconsistent, or hard-to-access data requiring too much manual manipulation” and a “lack of analytic acumen or skills among HR professionals.” Human capital function need to identify question it wants to answer, collect the data, interpret the results, and take action. Analytics will change the recruitment function by automating screening of candidates. This has downstream benefits for performance management, turnover, and workforce planning.

  • This programme is formulated with the intent of guiding the HR practitioners with the right knowledge and know-how on embarking the people analytics journey.  The course is meant to be a combination of theory and experiential learning with real life examples on how the HR analytics can be deployed in their respective organisation.

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