A retrenchment can be devastating for employees and unpleasant experience for employers too. Good employers shall take the exercise with care to make the experience as positive as possible, properly release exiting employees, help and guide them take the right next steps and make a transition to a new role.

The impact of such retrenchment or other reduction in force (RIF) and handling workforce in transition especially involving huge layoffs can be overwhelming. A good outplacement training and employees assistance program can help employers stay true to their good brand image during this trying period.

Outplacement Training Programs by HR ACT emphasizes on the well-being of the exiting employees as top priority by preparing them mentally and make options clearly available to them through the following modules:

Specially designed module to build the mental strength, attitude and making them agile to face the next phase of their life include the one modelled after the 7 Virtues of Samurai  (Code of Bushido) and The 7 Principles of An Eagle . HR ACT has had the privileges of implementing these programs to the reputable employers in Malaysia.

In the past years our team of consultant and trainers has taken up the assignments of handling business closures for several companies with more than 25 years presence in Malaysia.  We are truly blessed to have learned from the experiences and committed to make the experience of the workforce in transition as positive as possible.

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