People Management Mastery for HR Professionals

  • As businesses continue to fight for survivability and sustainability, People Management skills become critical. People management mastery can effectively enhance employee engagement, experience and motivation resulting in far superior performance for business.  A Gallop study in the US found that the stock value has higher earnings per share, and the businesses experience 44% higher profitability, 70% higher productivity, 86% higher customer service ratings, 70% more success in retention, 37% lower absenteeism, and 78% better safety records when people management is successful.
  • Hence, leaders of today must master the art of people management including identifying the right talents for the business, developing them to unleash their true potential, managing their performance at peak levels, engaging them in the business visions and inspiring them to deliver organisational success.
  • In this programme, people management mastery will be driven through various people management challenges case studies, including recruitment, development, engagement, deployment, team analysis, performance management and termination, using the DISC behaviour model. This experiential and immersive programme is aimed at equipping the participants with people management mastery through in-depth knowledge of behaviour appreciation using the DISC model. The DISC behaviour model started with the works of Prof William Marston nearly a hundred years ago and remains one of the top behaviour models used by organisations globally.
  • The two-day programme equips the participants with hands-on experience in handling various people management challenges by adopting the DISC model and aligning people management strategies to organisational strategies with the aim of driving personal and organisational success.

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Online – Zoom @ 15-16 June 2022, 0900 to 1700 daily. (14 hours)

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