PROTÉGÉ – Ready To Work (RTW)

Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ) was Iaunched in 2019 is an entrepreneurship and employability graduates in collaboration with industry partners and include soft-skills training programs to:

  • create more competitive entrepreneurs or job creators and prepare them for global stage and
  • develop skilled job seekers which will meet the demand of the industry.

PROTÉGÉ-Ready To Work (RTW)  is an enhancement of Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) with added entrepreneurship component; whereby the mind-set and skill-set as entrepreneurs are nurtured.

HR ACT is providing high-quality PROTÉGÉ-Ready To Work (RTW)  programs, led by certified, competent, and experienced learning facilitators. The program will be interactive between participants and with the facilitator using the discovery/experiential learning methodology that is self–realizing and convincing. For virtual learning, activities may involve using the tools and features in the ZOOM application and cross-platform applications.

HR ACT’s PROTÉGÉ-Ready To Work (RTW) programs are organized as IN-HOUSE exclusive programs or as PUBLIC programs where participants may attend according to the schedule offered by HR ACT. HR ACT’s PROTÉGÉ-Ready To Work (RTW) is either conducted face-to-face or virtually or in hybrid modes. Face-to-face learning will be subject to the Standard Operation Procedure (SOPs) and any rules or laws set by the authorities.

Certificate: Certificate of Completion (e-Certificate)

Please click on the links to learn more about HR ACT PROTÉGÉ-Ready To Work (PROTÉGÉ RTW) 7 compulsory modules:

StateVenueModuleMore Info
OnlineZoomCommunicating and Networking SkillsClick Here
OnlineZoomCreative and Analytical ThinkingClick Here
OnlineZoomValue Driven ProfessionalClick Here
OnlineZoomOrganisational AdaptabilityClick Here
OnlineZoomGrooming and EtiquetteClick Here
OnlineZoomEntrepreneurship 101Click Here
OnlineZoomEnvironment Sustainability and Social ImpactClick Here

FREE Training – Another benefits of HR ACT’s PROTEGE RTW.

HR ACT’s PROTEGE-RTW participants will be eligible to attend up to 5 optional training sessions selected from HR ACT’s Mini Training Series.

The topics may include (and not limited to):

(1) DISC Behavior Styles: Why People Act The Way They Do
(2) Essentials of Employment Law for Business
(3) 7 Strategies for A Successful Job Search
(4) Business Model Canvas Workshop
(5) Managing Priorities at Work
(6) Project Management 101
(7) Office Ergonomics

If you have any questions about the 7 PROTÉGÉ-RTW compulsory modules and FREE mini training programs, please send us a message using the form below and we will respond as soon as possible

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