THE D.R.I.F.T  GAME is a specially designed programme for drivers with aim at promoting human safety, safeguarding assets and improving profitability of the business. It provides participants with necessary principles and tools to enhance motivation, readiness,  personal sense of responsibilities  and commitment that will increase compliance, reducing risk of accidents and costs . D.R.I.F.T is a soft skill training hence it is also suitable for most drivers.

Course Outline

The Drivers Fundamentals. The Driving Myths

Customer Service Orientation

Personal Vs Corporate Image

Rules of the Road, Road Sharing

High Risk Vs Low Risk Behavior

Activity 1: Safer Driving Decisions

A set of profound daily guiding principles for drivers packed with tools and tips .

An exciting activity where participants will engage in an indoor driving challenge with an objective to apply the  D.R.I.F.T principles

Implementing Driver’s Check-list and Driver’s’Key Performance Indicators

The Objectives

Upon conclusion of this 1-day training, participants should be able to  apply D.R.I.F.T principles in order to:

1-enhance  motivation for  compliance  with positive behavior

2-execute responsibilities with commitment , discipline  and integrity

3-demonstrate  excellence customer service behaviors

4-uphold self and organization’s image

5-reduce risk of accidents and maintenance cost


One (1) day ,  9.00a.m to 5.00p.m


The program will introduce D.R.I.F.T principles which will be presented through interactive presentations group discussions, video critique   and D.R.I.F.T training games.


Drivers  in haulage, courier, passenger transportation companies such as taxi, chauffeured services  ,express bus, tourist bus  companies , enforcement  rescue and safety organization.

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