Learning Experience Design (LXD)- A Design Thinking Course for L&D Professionals

“Learning Experience Design (LXD): A Design Thinking Course for L&D Professionals” provides insights into how Design Thinking is a novel approach to drafting exceptional learning experiences and transforming learning functions within an organization. Learning and Development (L&D) professionals face the task of crafting learning environments that are not only effective but also
captivating. Within this context, Design Thinking emerges as a powerful asset – a people-centered approach to tackling such challenges. Design Thinking methodology equips L&D professionals with a dynamic strategy to navigate these demands creatively and strategically.
This course empowers L&D professionals with the skills to empathize with learners, redefine problems, ideate creative solutions, prototype experiences, and iterate toward excellence. By applying the principles of Design Thinking, participants will unlock the potential to foster authentic, learner-centric experiences that drive knowledge retention, and skills acquisition that enhance the effectiveness of learning functions and organizational growth.

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W.P (KL) – @ 09 to 10 October 2024, 0900 to 1700 daily (14 hours)

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