A solid teamwork is foundational to the success of organizations today and building a strong team start with an individual member . This programme is about taking an individual with team to the next expected level of performance within an organization.

Using the inspiring “7 Principles of an Eagle” by Dr Myles Munroe, the programme first strives to initiate the awareness for change in individual participant that is consistent with that of  the bigger teams (work unit to whole organization).

An individual improved strengths will ultimately contribute to highly powerful combined effect which is greater than the sum of their individual strengths – the synergistic effect. A team with synergy is capable to act and achieve more.  

The Principles Vs Demonstration Of Performance And Behavior

The Principles of an Eagle The Expected Performance
Eagles fly with eagles at high altitude
Perform at the highest level
Eagles have strong vision
Guided by a clear vision
Eagles feed on fresh prey
Innovative and creative
Eagles love the storm
Relish and overcome challenges
Eagles test before they trust
Earn the trust of others
Eagles prepare for development
Plan , prepare and execute
Eagles go through transformation
Engage in continuous improvement
Proposed Objectives

At the end of this program, the participants are expected to :

  1. Gain insight into the “7  Principles of An Eagle “ to develop awareness and sense of  responsibility for self,  team members, organization and community 
  2. strengthen the values and cooperative behaviors through meaningful engagement and interaction among members
  3. reach out to each other better to develop trust, build cohesiveness and experience collaboration
  4. acquire team knowledge, skills and attitude and demonstrating them in the team process to achieve synergy

The program will be interactive using the experiential learning methodology based on challenge by choice that is self – realizing and convincing. It progressively connects the individual participants into team through a series of indoor and outdoor simulation activities. Specially organized outdoor activities are customized to make learning more interesting and engaging. For example, outdoor activities could be held in a designated city area, a nature park or on board cruise ship. Reflection and critique sessions  after each activity is designed for the participants to share their experiences and what they learned. The reflection is generalized into behavior that need changes to be more effective.


1 Day Programme

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